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Bijou Nous-Vos Silver

2245359 Ontario Inc. 

55 Queen St. E #401, Toronto ON M5C 1R6

Tel. 416 368 3746. Toll Free 1-888-872-5759

Welcome to the Bijou Nous-Vos Silver website. We are sterling silver jewellery wholesalers and importers. We travel constantly around the world to find the up to date products in the industry.  I recently gathered up my old passports and counted 66 trips to Thailand alone since 1999. We can't stand still in our quest to be the best in our field. From long experience, we have discovered who the best manufacturers of high quality sterling silver jewellery products at commercially viable prices are.

We stock  over 4,000 styles of silver jewellery  at our downtown Toronto showroom. We are open from Monday to Friday from 10 AM – 5 PM.  Appointments are not required.

This website was built  for silver jewellery retailers who are too busy to visit us on a regular basis or located too far away to do so, but need to keep their customers interested with the latest  trends in our industry. We already have about 900 of our bestselling jewellery styles on the site with hundreds more to come in the near future. Many of you have asked me to build it, so here it is.